Article Writing Services

Professional copywriting and editing

Writing articles fit for the media is a skill few PRs and marketing professionals can truly deliver. This is because their focus is usually on phrasing things in a way that speaks to SEO or taps into a customer's psyche. But when it comes to authoritative content for the media, white papers or blog articles, a different genre of writing is required which imparts knowledge and explains concepts.

As former journalists, we've been trained to make every word count. You won't find us using those cliche phrases like 'committed to', 'perfect for' or 'is a great way to...' We write in plain English and are skilled in communicating precise nuances.

  • We help founders write copy for a new website, balancing meaning with SEO.
  • We help aspiring authors write a book synopsis to send to book publishers.
  • We work with CEOs to ghostwrite thought leadership articles for business publications.
  • We help marketing teams deconstruct complex industry insights from their colleagues and translate it into clear, digestible blogs or newsletters.

So, if you need reliable experts to draft op-eds, whitepapers, blog posts or high quality long-form content, you can count on us to deliver on time, on brief and on budget.

Some of our copywriting briefs


Brief: Ghostwrite contributor articles for media

Individuals, or in-house marketing teams come to us because they have secured a thought leadership article in a business publication, but they don't have the capability or time to structure it or to disseminate complex topics into a set word count. We can turn an article around in 48 hours from a brief, such as this one on sustainable construction, or this one on funding for the pharma industry

Client: Consultant setting up a website to go it alone

Brief: Clients come to us after taking the plunge to go from a senior employment role to setting up as a consultant or freelancer. Building a website that clearly explains your offering and USP is the first step. We provided copy for this consultant, incorporating subject-expertise with tactical keywords for SEO.

Client: Write blogs on technical subjects

Brief: Busy marketing teams use our services to write blogs or edit reports on complex topics. We sit down with subject matter experts within an organisation and draw out their observations to write original and original blogs. Then we match the topic with popular search terms and write a blog designed to drive traffic. No matter how complex your industry is, you can rely on us to translate it into accessible copy, such as these blog series.