What is Thought Leadership?

helencroydon Introduction to Thought Leadership

Many people ask, what is thought leadership, and usually get a woolly answer such as it builds trust, authority, and it opens doors to partnerships and opportunity. All these are true, but the functional definition of thought leadership is that it’s a tool to raise your personal profile – the most organic tool there is.  Thought leadership can take the …


Why is Thought Leadership Important?

helencroydon Introduction to Thought Leadership

Benefits of a Thought Leadership Strategy What extra touches do you put into your morning routine when you know you are meeting an important business connection? Do you get out the best suit? Posh pen? Polish your shoes? (or in my case change from my cycle shoes to heels in the lobby of a building).  How long did you spend …


How do you Become a Thought Leader?

helencroydon Introduction to Thought Leadership

Now you can see the benefits of having an authoritative personal profile offline and online, how do you build one?  The bad news is that it isn’t as easy as creating a few paid adverts with google keywords. The good news is, it’s cheaper, more authentic and longer lasting. The first thing you need to do is identify what you …