What is Thought Leadership?

TLPR Introduction to Thought Leadership

Many people ask, “what is thought leadership?”, and usually get a woolly answer, such as it builds trust, authority, and it opens doors to partnerships and opportunity. All these are true, but the functional definition of thought leadership is that it’s a tool to build your personal brand and raise your professional profile – the most organic tool there is. …


Why is Thought Leadership Important?

TLPR Introduction to Thought Leadership

A thought leader is a recognised authority who stands out in their industry due to their expertise. But why is thought leadership important? Here are just five of the benefits of thought leadership, from allowing you to reach a wider audience to winning new business and retaining existing clients. Reach a wider audience One benefit of thought leadership is that …


How to Become a Thought Leader

TLPR Introduction to Thought Leadership

Now you can see the importance of being a thought leader and benefits of having an authoritative personal profile offline and online, how do you build one? The bad news is that it isn’t as easy as creating a few paid adverts with google keywords. The good news is that thought leadership is cheaper, more authentic and longer lasting. In …