The Media Insider Podcast

Check out the latest episodes of the Media Insider Podcast. Each month, our founder, Helen Croydon, a former journalist herself, interviews a commissioning editor, journalist or producer at a publication or broadcast news programme about what they cover, formats of stories, how they plan content and what they look for in a pitch. 

The podcast is aimed at helping subject experts who want to get into the media understand how the news machine works. From planning teams at TV news programmes, to opinion editors on national newspapers, to editors of business publications like Raconteur and Management Today, this show gives you the insight you need to develop story ideas to pitch to the media.

It’s also useful listening for freelance journalists, who regularly pitch stories to editors.

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Karis Hustad

Why it’s important to be authentic in your pitch as a small business owner and being able to add value to a publications audience.

Alan Rusbridger

 What makes the cut for an ‘intellectually stimulating’ read? Learn more about how to pitch for long reads in a monthly publication.

Eleanor Warnock


What makes an opinion piece? Plus top tips for PRs pitching popular startup publications


Orianna Rosa Royle


Learn how to make your pitch stand out in an editors inbox who’s receives on average one email per minute.

Natasha Wynarczyk


Print is not dead. This episode explains how to turn your pitch into media coverage in a print publication.


How PRs or businesses can tailor their pitches for Raconteur’s formats. Plus the hunt for diverse journalists!




How to write a diversity and inclusion pitch that is relevant and impactful. Plus, her key advice: if you have to work to make it sound relevant, it probably isn’t.


Tips on how to pitch a story including how to differentiate passion from expertise and why ‘the story’ is always the most important wording of your pitch.


What the editorial team at Metro look for and why using fresh writers is so exciting.


Martha explains why she’s on the lookout for young writers and defining a story angle in a pitch.

lucy dunn


Why journalists are going ‘below the line’, the resurgence of long-reads and what’s needed from PRs and journalists in their pitches 


The pros and cons of traditional vs. self publishing, plus a community of writers you’ll want to be a part of.


How to craft relevant and socially conscious beauty and fashion pitches.


Aspiring author? Here are the insider tips on pitching your next book.


Discover the difference between ‘branded journalism’ and ‘traditional journalism.’


The good and the bad when it comes to pitching, plus what PRs should be avoiding.


How to know which ‘slot’ or page your pitch belongs in to create a perfectly catered pitch.


Are ‘listacles’ still a viable pitch? Tips on making your pitch more relevant.


Find out how to pitch your business or client to major tech publications.


What makes a great interview and how thought leaders can contribute their ideas in the media.


What HuffPost looks for in a first-person story and other regular slots to look out for.


How to pitch your thought leadership piece and why clickbait doesn’t work in B2B journalism.


Learn the difference between a ‘pitch’ and an ‘idea’.


Pitching advice from Business Insider for PRs, freelance writers and experts.


What is true life journalism and how can you challenge the mould of traditional real life stories.


How to stand out in a sea of pitches. What editors are looking for.

The Media Insider Podcast with Suchandrika Chakrabati


Tips for freelancers and writing the perfect profile piece.


What travel magazines are really looking for in a travel pitch.


Pitching tips for women’s magazines, plus how long to wait before following up!

Alan Rusbridger