So you want to be a thought leader?

Articulating what you do and why you do it is at the heart of thought leadership.

Those who can capture their messages and USP go on to influence opinion, inspire change, lead debate, build authority and bring trust to their brand.

We are a small team of former and current journalists, trained by top-tier publications in how to write concise but evocative copy that moves minds.

Our mission

To help people articulate worthwhile stories

Our three-step approach defines, builds then amplifyies your expertise

Demonstrating thought leadership can pave the way for attracting new clients, investors, partnerships or prestigious career opportunities. It can also help the greater good, by encouraging fresh thinking to an industry or world problem.

Whatever the reason behind your thought leadership goal, the execution rests in skilled use of language. That’s what we’re best at. Our backgrounds in journalism, book-writing, radio and video production cover all mediums of storytelling.

Whether you want to gain clarity on your USP, see your articles published in business publications, or need a thought-partner to develop and write a book, we know how to interest the media, business leaders and the public.

Client Testimonials

"It was a pleasure working with TLPR. They secured us some great coverage across a wide range of media including Radio 4, BBC London News, ITV London News, The Sunday Mirror, Times Radio. She is smart, efficient and well connected."

Baluji Shrivastev OBE, Musician

"I have had a great PR experience with TLPR supporting and guiding me through the areas that I required. It has raised my level of thinking and elevated my confidence with public speaking and writing skills to help convey my messages to various networks. I have enjoyed access to the various organisations in publishing, podcasting and radio, ultimately helping me to form new relationships. A professional service which has been thoroughly engaging, and more importantly, encouraging me to enhance and enrich my brand. Thank you."

Anita Goyal, philanthropist

"Helen has been the missing link for me becoming a thought leader for building enterprise leaders. Helen complemented my domain expertise by driving awareness and branding. She got me a high-profile speaking engagement at Collision and helped me write articles around my books and placed them in publications targeting entrepreneurs. I enjoy my weekly call with Helen and am impressed by her follow through."

Tae Hea Nahm,  co-founding MD of Storm Ventures, public speaker on entrepreneurship and author of Survival to Thrival