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How to become a thought leader on LinkedIn

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Linkedin is the best platform to position yourself as a thought leader on business topics because it draws many professions and an older demographic, but how is that status achieved? Before we dive into the specifics of your Linkedin thought leadership strategy, let’s remind you what thought leadership is.  At its core, thought leadership is an organic tool to raise …

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We’re Hiring: Ghostwriter and Media Consultant

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We are once more looking for another Writer and Media Strategist to join our team – must be from a journalism background.  If your answer to these questions is yes, talk to us! – Can you watch a 20 minute video of a stranger giving a talk, and then write a killer paragraph summing it up which we can pitch …

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Writing for the Media: Hiring a Ghostwriter for your PR and social media content

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What unites a celebrity’s tell-all autobiography, a CEO’s profound LinkedIn post and a government minister’s ‘op-ed’ in a newspaper? They are almost certain to have been written by a ghostwriter. Ghostwriting – where a professional writer produces content on behalf of another person, who receives the author credit – is everywhere and we consume it without even realising. It’s a …

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Win a Personal PR Kickstarter Programme!

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PR Giveaway We are giving away one of our popular Personal PR packages for free.  What’s the catch, you may ask? Because we want to know how we can improve our product and so all we ask is for whoever wins this great giveaway that you tell us what the process is like from a client’s perspective and give us …

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We’re Hiring Again: Personal PR Strategist Job Role

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Yes, we are a PR agency, and yes this is a PR role but the crux of this role is writing and knowing the media. Whether that’s ghost-writing articles for clients, writing up call notes into media-worthy quotes, proof reading a proposal, or even writing a synopsis for a book, which is one task we helped a client with recently!

Job Vacancy: Digital Marketing Consultant

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We’re looking for a super-efficient digital marketing guru with great people skills for a client facing consultancy role. We work with some really interesting CEOs, entrepreneurs, academics, authors and subject matter experts to raise their personal profiles. We need someone who has broad knowledge of various marketing activities to help them become more visible. Typically this will include growing their …