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Job vacancy: Ghostwriter and Media Consultant with journalism experience

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We are looking for a fourth Writer and Media Consultant to join our team of personal PR experts. A journalism background is a must because knowledge of how the media works, and being able to identify what a story is, is the core of what this role involves.

If your answer to these questions is yes, talk to us!

  • – Can you watch a 20 minute video of a someone giving a talk, and then write a killer paragraph summing it up which we can pitch to speaking events?
  • – Do you have a knack for asking the right questions to draw out someone’s unique expertise and insights – enough to then run with an idea for an opinion article on a topical story?
  • – If you think of someone you know well, could you whip up a one-paragraph quote, capturing their voice and their views on a topic you know they care about?
  • – Can you take waffly copy, full of jargon and repetition and turn it into a succinct 800 word ‘advice piece’ suitable for a top tier media publication, in just a couple of hours?
  • – Do you have experience of pitching yourself as a writer OR have you been pitched to as a journalist, so that you can recognise a good and a bad pitch?
  • – Would you have a good ‘bedside manner’ with clients and be able to explain things clearly?

Yes, we are a PR agency, and yes this is a PR role but the crux of this role is writing and developing topics for articles or other content. Whether that’s ghostwriting articles for our clients, writing up notes from a call into a media-worthy soundbite, or re-writing a bio of a complex career history in a succinct way that will get attention. For this reason, story-sense born from journalism experience is essential.

Because our service is raising people’s profiles not brand profiles, our PR strategy rests in understanding how different types of media can utilise our client’s expertise in different ways. We don’t send press releases, we don’t do scattergun pitches. We pitch with as much thought as if you were pitching your own article to an editor as a freelance writer.

We are a small but growing team who value flexible working and constantly trying to make our business offering better. Our working model is mostly remote, but every Thursday we come together in London at a co-working space. This is essential to the role, so please only apply if you can come into our London workspace once per week. There may also be occasional London-based meetings in addition to this.

  • Send us an email ([email protected]) with the subject heading WRITER AND MEDIA CONSULTANT Include a CV or a link to a profile which summarises your experience.

  • Ideally, please include a link to either a first-person article, advice-piece or opinion piece which you have written in your name, or ghost-written. And/or any other media articles in your byline which you are proud of.

Salary: £42k – 48k DOE

(This is a full-time role, but we will consider candidates who want a pro-rata 4-day-a-week position too – in our experience creative people tend to do other things!). 

For information on what we do, check out our case study page.