Thought Leadership for Philanthropists

Building awareness for your vision and mission requires emotive but informative copy. The more people you can get to understand your cause, the greater following you will attract.

Our thought leadership strategy rests in finding genuine story angles for your worthwhile cause that will resonate with the media and public alike.

Whether you are a founder of a non-profit struggling to write a website, a professional who has the knowledge to solve a global problem but no time to write the articles to communicate this, or an organisation who needs professional help developing a white paper, we will help you inspire change.

Case Study #1

PR for philanthropists

Client: Film maker, campaigner and mentor to young documentary-makers

Short-term goal: To bring awareness of the issue of forced adoption in the 60s, through his autobiographical film exposing this practice.

Long-term goals: To change public thinking and bring justice to those affected by forced adoption.

To boost his own philanthropic credentials so he can help more young documentary makers bring social-impact films to life.

Results (in 6 months):

  • Secured several thought leadership articles in publications like Non-Profit Report and Comment Central
  • Secured several profile pieces such as these in Smiley News and We Are The City.
  • Secured four podcast interviews with a range of angles spanning philanthropy, young people's careers and diversity in film making.
  • Consulted on content and SEO for his personal website.
  • Our thought leadership activities led our client to be invited to guest-produce a documentary to be screened at Sundance Film Festival

Case Study #2

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Client: Agile enterprise coach and founder of a non-profit organization helping combat extremism in the middle east

Short-term goal: To grow eminence as an agile coach and establish his niche in the international development space.

To raise awareness of his personal research on anti-extremism.

Long-term goals: To showcase the effectiveness of agile principles in the international development space.

To drive business to his coaching practice.

To maximise impact of his non-profit.

Results (in 6 months):

  • Secured 10+ media articles comprising thought leadership articles, profile pieces and expert quotes, including CEO Strategy Magazine, Startups Magazine, Authority Magazine.
  • Secured four podcast interviews such as The Agile Mentors podcast
  • Restructured website to differentiate multiple career strands, implemented technical SEO and a keyword optimised blog strategy to make it appear on Google page 1 search results
  • Established regular Linkedin posting and engagement and grew followers by 20%