Raise Your Academic Profile

By definition, academics are thought leaders in the making. Research and deep-level expertise is of great use and interest to media and publishers. The challenge for most academics is translating complex topics into lay person language that the public, journalists or industry professionals will value.

This is where we help. We’ve helped several academics consolidate their areas of research into digestible content and in turn positioned them as go-to commentators. 

Case Study #1

mathematics academic

Client: Research fellow in mathematics and director of national education support network

Short-term goal: To build her digital footprint as a known thought leader on maths education.

To generate prestigious google search results through media articles and quotes.

Long-term goals: To progress her career.

To raise awareness of the importance of maths in a world heading for AI.

Results (in 5 months):

Case Study #2


Client: Senior lecturer in sports science and founder of a non-profit education platform

Short-term goal: To elevate her academic profile and align her messaging and personal brand across different digital channels

Long-term goals: To pave the way for career progression.

To raise the profile of her non-profit.

Results (in 3 months):

  • Secured three media mentions in Daily Mail, Training Matters and Comment Central
  • Copy-edited media articles which required her byline to make them media-ready
  • Advised on content and SEO of non-profit website
  • Assisted in application for Wiki page.
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