Our Thought Leadership Strategy

Our Thought Leadership Strategy is a wholistic mix of personal PR and personal marketing deliverables


We start by building a deep understanding of what you do – your views, theories, experiences and expertise and then we identify the topics of the zeitgeist in your industry.

From that, we can clearly articulate your personal brand, define your talking points and advise on the topical issues you should be writing about,  commentating on and giving talks on.

Our Thought Leadership PR team of experts have practical experience working in the media, broadcasting, book publishing and digital marketing so we understand exactly how to shape our clients' stories, expertise and opinions in ways that the media and the public will notice.

On our Full Service Package, every client has their own Writer and Media Strategist to formulate contributor article ideas we know will get published, and then ghost-write them if needed. Plus, clients have a digital marketing strategist who will advise on social media presence.

Some media coverage highlights are shown below:

media coverage collage

What we do...

Secure Media Coverage

Using our media connections and journalistic experience we secure:
  • Opinion pieces (and help you write them)
  • Profile pieces
  • Contributor articles (and help you write them)
  • Interviews on Radio and TV

Book Speaking Engagements

Whether it's virtual or in-person. We Can:
  • Secure Keynote talks
  • Get you onto panels for talks or debates
  • Edit and promote footage of your talks for social media
  • Develop messaging and themes for a killer talk
  • Give one-on-one coaching for delivering memorable talks

Manage Personal Social Media

We don't take over, we advise and supplement. we will:
  • Optimise your profile so you're found more easily
  • Create and post organic content
  • Identify and engage with the right influencers
  • Conduct paid campaigns

Book Podcast Interviews

We find the top podcasts in your sector and secure a guest interview. We will:
  • Find the podcasts with your target audiences
  • Pitch you as a guest and secure an interview
  • Create assets such as clips and graphics from the interview for maximum exposure

SEO and Website Audits

We find the right keywords to promote your personal brand. We will
  • Produce professional SEO audit with recommended metadata and best use of headlines
  • Recommend minor rewrites for better search engine optimization
  • Rewrite bios and mission statements to reflect your expertise and recommended keywords

Launch and Produce Podcasts

With a team of ex journalists and producers we can:
  • Produce, edit, launch and grow podcasts
  • Produce, edit, launch and grow Youtube Channels
  • Shape your stories and expertise and tell them in the most effective way

Offer Book Consultancy

We are in our Element When It Comes To Getting Book Ideas Off the Ground. We help writers to:
  • Write a killer synopsis
  • Source the best ghost writer or book editor through our network of writers
  • Find suitable publishers or self-publishing companies
  • Promote a published or self-published book

Revamp your Personal Brand

Using our knowledge of what's current in the media and data-driven research on what's being searched for we:
  • Write a professional bio (you need different versions for different purporses!)
  • Define your talking points
  • Create a strategy for pivoting your area of expertise
  • Identify different story angles for different audiences

Media Training

We've media trained CEOs, academics, politicians and the media-shy! We deliver:
  • One on One virtual media interview training
  • Techniques to handle crisis comms and hostile interviews
  • Practical exercises to define and refine your talking points
  • Tips on common interview techniques used by journalists

Ghost-write Media Articles

As former journalists we write in a way that the media will publish.  For all our clients we:
  • Suggest topical ideas for articles for the media
  • Pitch and place them in the media
  • Get rid of your corporate speak (sorry, we have to!)
  • Ghost-write, co-write or edit them with you