Our Thought Leadership Strategy

We start with personal branding

You may be brilliant at what you do but if you can’t define your USP and summarise your approach, people will struggle to understand your value. 

Personal branding is the groundwork for PR and marketing. We develop your talking points and refine your messages before we approach the media or produce content. Alongside this, we optimise your online profiles ready for when people search for you.


Then we push personal PR

We don’t do generic pitching nor write press releases. We develop tailored pitches for contributor media articles, profile pieces, podcast interviews, comments on news stories and talks at industry events.

Getting onto the public stage casts you as an expert, brings awareness to your work, pushes your name up search results and provides authoritative third party content to share on your own channels.


Next, we boost results with personal marketing

This is the bit where we make sure your expertise impresses upon your existing audience, and reaches new ones.

This may be as simple as a social media strategy which consolidates all your content and media exposure, or it may mean creating SEO-optimised content such as your own blog, podcast, video series or newsletter to drive traffic. The goal is to cement your credibility.

thought leadership pillars
We amplify your voice with personal marketing
We build your professional profile through personal PR
We define your unique selling proposition (USP) with our personal branding strategy

Personal branding to define your expertise

Personal branding strategy

The ability to articulate what you do is the basis of thought leadership. We start with a strategy call which enables us to:
  • Define your USP and establish differentiation
  • Develop media worthy story angles and messaging
  • Help you perfect your pitch
  • Write a professional media bio
  • Carry out keyword research to establish the language to draw in your audience

Website creation

Your website is your call to action for people to buy your services or read your research. Our web creation team will:
  • Design a suitable site on Wordpress or Squarespace
  • Write clear website copy in line with your personal branding strategy
  • Implement content SEO (finding the right keywords)
  • Implement technical SEO (XML sitemap, security certificate, metadata)
  • Integrate social media and showcase media coverage

Personal PR to build your profile

Media coverage

Having your name appear on media websites makes you more visible and provides backlinks to your website. We relentlessly pursue:
  • Opinion pieces
  • Advice articles
  • Other thought leadership or contributor articles
  • Profile pieces
  • Expert quotes used in news or features

Radio or podcast interviews

Podcasts allow you to share industry insights in depth and get in front of highly targeted audience. Our media team:
  • Find the top ranking podcasts relevant to your target audiences
  • Secure guest interviews
  • Prepare you for the interview with key messages
  • Create assets such as clips and graphics for sharing

Thought leadership article writing

As former journalists we write in a way that the media will publish.  For all our clients we:
  • Suggest topical thought leadership article ideas
  • Pitch and place them in the media
  • Ghostwrite, co-write or edit as needed
  • Get rid of your corporate or academic jargon (sorry, we have to!)

Public speaking opportunities

Whether online or in-person, speaking events enable you to inspire and lead discussion. We help you:
  • Identify target events - from conferences to webinars to festivals
  • Secure appearances - from keynotes, to panels to webinars
  • Develop messaging and themes for a killer talk

Industry awards

Being nominated or shortlisted for industry awards brings validation for your work. We will:
  • Research relevant awards
  • Draft applications or nomination forms
  • Coordinate endorsements

    Media training with messaging development

    Our trusted pool of national journalists deliver virtual media training sessions covering:
    • How the media find their guests and what they want from them
    • Practical exercises to define and refine your talking points
    • Common interview techniques used by journalists
    • Techniques to handle difficult questions
      • Personal marketing to amplify your authority 

        Personal social media

        A social media presence not only provides an online CV, but is a tool to prompt discussion on topical issues in your profession. Rely on us to:
        • Optimise your profile so you're found more easily
        • Identify and post topical trending stories
        • Identify and engage with target influencers
        • Promote the coverage we secure for you
        • Create graphics and other visual content
        • Thought leadership content creation

          While PR showcases your eminence on third party sites, creating your own content drives traffic to your services. We produce memorable thought leadership such as:
          • SEO-optimised blogs to drive traffic
          • Newsletters to engage audiences
          • Launch a podcast to impress new leads
          • Your own video series to show authenticity
          • Host your own virtual event & webinars

          Book consultancy

          Getting your book in front of the right publishers and audiences can determine its success & your future writing career. We can help you with:
          • Advice on developing book synopsis and approaching publishers
          • Book editing and ghostwriting (as a special project)
          • Book PR

          Website audit & website advice

          How you show up online signals trust, authority and authenticity. We examine your digital presence so that we can:
          • Check you aren’t sharing mixed messages
          • Suggest minor rewrites for clarity and style
          • Technical SEO review
          • Keyword research to inform language