Brand Building for Consultants

Expertise is the raison d'etre for consultants. Demonstrating that you have knowledge, experience and authority through a noteable online profile is essential for converting leads to clients.

Many clients come to us because they have been in employment and wish to set up their own consultancy. Other clients are already established consultants but they wish to scale up their business by becoming better known, or they want clarity on their USP.

Below are two case studies of consultants whose profiles we’ve shaped as thought leaders.

Case Study #1

Professional consultant

Client: Founder of a consultancy helping FTSE 500 CEOs adapt to a purpose-driven economy, UK

Short-term goal: After establishing visibility in academic journals, he wanted to elevate his thought leadership into mainstream media to further his credibility and grow his Linkedin following.

Long-term goals: To pave the way for paid speaking engagements and a book. To enable business leaders find solutions to navigate the challenges of reaching net zero by 2050.


  • Translated his academic findings into media-worthy articles including The London Economic, Raconteur, City AM, Fast Company and ghostwrote media articles.
  • Secured several guest interviews on top-rated business podcasts.
  • With a thoughtful Linkedin strategy, grew the following of a podcast & Linkedin newsletter to over 5000 subscribers.
  • Edited and structured business book on leadership challenges in reaching net zero by 2050.
Ghostwriting for media articles - all you need to know in this blog

Case Study #2

sustainability consultant

Client: Consultant on 'Agile' methodology and founder of a non-profit organization helping combat extremism in the middle east

Short-term goal: To grow eminence as an agile consultant and establish his niche in the international development space.

To raise awareness of his personal research on anti-extremism.

Long-term goals: To showcase the effectiveness of agile principles in the international development space.

To drive business to his coaching practice.

Results (in 6 months):

  • Secured 10+ media articles comprising thought leadership articles, profile pieces and expert quotes, including CEO Strategy Magazine, Startups Magazine, Authority Magazine.
  • Secured four podcast interviews such as The Agile Mentors podcast
  • Restructured website to differentiate multiple career strands, implemented technical SEO and a keyword optimised blog strategy to make it appear on Google page 1 search results
  • Established regular Linkedin posting and engagement and grew followers by 20%