PR for Founders

Personal PR for founders

As the driver of a new or small business, showcasing industry expertise is essential for building trust with potential clients and partners.

A founder’s visibility is very often the way potential leads discover your business, so getting your views on topical industry issues seen in business publications, podcasts or on social profiles is very powerful.

Many of our founder clients also want to build a profile outside of their business to pave the way for consultancy or advisory work for when they exit their business or because they intend to seek investment.

Case Study #1

female founder

Client: Founder of a Real Estate Business, USA

Package Level: Thought Leader Kickstarter

Short-term goal: To gain name recognition beyond her local geographical area and also to expand her expertise from real estate to the wider topic of entrepreneurship.

Long-term goals: To pave the way for future consultancy work. And, to get her message heard - to inspire more young people onto the property ladder.


Case Study #2

PR for startup founders

Client: Founder of an HR consultancy firm, UK

Short-term goal: To get her message out on the importance of 'positive working', which will help people and organizations improve mental health, productivity and satisfaction - particularly post-pandemic.

Long-term goals: To inspire more productive working and job satisfaction. To drive the right leads to her business.

Results (in four months):

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