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Win a Personal PR Kickstarter Programme!

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PR Giveaway We are giving away one of our popular Personal PR packages for free.  What’s the catch, you may ask? Because we want to know how we can improve our product and so all we ask is for whoever wins this great giveaway that you tell us what the process is like from a client’s perspective and give us …

Job Vacancy: Digital Marketing Consultant

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We’re looking for a super-efficient digital marketing guru with great people skills for a client facing consultancy role. We work with some really interesting CEOs, entrepreneurs, academics, authors and subject matter experts to raise their personal profiles. We need someone who has broad knowledge of various marketing activities to help them become more visible. Typically this will include growing their …

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Being a Thought Leader during the Coronavirus pandemic

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News about Covid-19 dominates the headlines in times like these. Where many of us may have carved out 15 minutes every day to read an op-ed on our favourite business websites, or to scan Twitter for topics that piqued our interest, now, we are using this time to get updates on latest statistics from the World Health Organisation. So what …

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Is it OK to promote Thought Leadership during the coronavirus crisis?

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During unprecedented and stressful times like these, it is hard to know whether your usual marketing campaigns should be put on hold and whether it’s appropriate to continue to produce thought leadership content. Should you still release your next podcast episode if it was recorded before the world shut down? Should you carry on with your scheduled blog topics if …

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Five Common Thought Leadership Mistakes

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Effective thought leadership should lead to you being top of mind as an authority on particular topics. Even better, thought leadership should help others advance by giving them access to your insight and valuable expertise. Thought leadership should start from a desire to share your knowledge for the greater good – such as to highlight a solution in your industry …

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Three examples of thought leadership content and strategy by CEOs

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Imagine if one of your ideas for how to solve a common business problem became the go-to approach in your industry. Imagine if, by taking some time to analyse an issue and articulate your theory, you established a school of thought, not only to be used by your internal team, but becomes the default approach for an industry. That is …