PR packages & prices

Full-Service personal PR

£2,900 pcm
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Rolling monthly personal PR service to define, build and promote your profile as a thought leader in your industry

This is our core service, where we act quickly on anything required to raise your professional profile. After we've defined your personal brand and talking points, and set the strategy for shaping your online profile, we are on the constant hunt for PR opportunities.

Typically this means writing and placing opinion pieces in the media, finding speaking engagements, getting you onto podcasts as a guest, or spotting opportunities where you could comment on news programmes.

We get to know you and your theories very well! On our Full-Service level, you'll be assigned your own media strategist and ghostwriter (who all have journalism backgrounds) to develop and write story-worthy ideas with you. You'll also be assigned a social media and marketing expert to build your social media presence and advise on the technical aspects of any of your own content (like SEO for a website, or creating your own podcast).

Suitable for: CEOs, senior executives, founders, investors, lawyers, consultants, subject matter experts serious about making a mark.

Personal PR Kickstarter programme

One-off fee: £2,900 
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Profile raising package based on a choice of personal branding deliverables

This short-term programme is designed for individuals who don't have the budget for the traditional monthly retainer that almost all PR agencies model their services on.

We designed this package specifically for entrepreneurs of smaller businesses, academics, authors, coaches, creatives or people who need to kickstart their digital profile but don't need all the support of our full service.

We start with a personal branding strategy - defining what makes you stand out and what your media-worthy talking points are. Then, you choose three deliverables such as: media coverage, a podcast interview, a speaking engagement, professional photos, media training, writing a book synopsis and much more.

Suitable for: small business owners, academics, consultants, coaches, authors, serious job seekers,

Author PR Kickstarter programme

One-off fee: £2,900 
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Profile raising package specifically designed for writers

Whether you are an aspiring author wanting to attract a publisher, or a published author wanting to get your books in the media, this package is designed as PR for you and your books. As a writer, by default, you have the key ingredient for effective thought leadership - expertise and unique views! So, there is huge potential for writers to comment on topical news stories, give talks, write articles and to build an engaged audience.

Our Author PR Kickstarter works like our Personal PR Kickstarter but the menu of deliverables are tailored for writers' needs. For example, we can help you organise a book launch or set up digital ads to sell books, as well as media mentions. You mix and match the deliverables most suited to your author profile.

Suitable for: established authors, self-published authors, aspiring authors looking for a publisher.

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Maintenance PR

Reduced rates available to existing clients

For maintaining your personal profile within a budget

For our clients who have been on any of the above packages and want to continue to work with us but either can't afford the full-service or don't need a constant PR push, we have options for minimal maintenance PR and social media.

We only offer this service to clients who have been on the Kickstarter or done the minimum 3-month term on our Full Service. This is because it takes a long time for us to get to know your talking points and it is impossible for us to advise what 'maintenance' you would need until we know much more about what you do and your goals.

Suitable for: existing clients who don't want to have a hard stop, but want to keep their name top of mind.


Thank you, Helen!

With published articles now averaging one a month, I couldn't be happier with the help that you've given me. From helping me realise that I do have things I want to say, mentoring me to do that in ways that are interesting and useful to others and for steering me in the direction of the right editors, you've helped me every step of the way. I couldn't have done any of it without you!


Wendy Rose, Leadership Coach

Helen has provided me with really targeted support on Thought Leadership activities. This included helping me define my story, planning and pitching articles and doing a much needed ‘health check’ on my social media channels. Helen was organised and provided insightful critical guidance that helped me identity and reach target audiences and communicate my story. She helped to keep me accountable and was interesting and fun to work with. Thanks Helen!

Dr Jacqui Webster, PhD