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Full-service Personal PR

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Ongoing Personal PR and Thought Leadership Strategy for C-suite Executives and Leaders

A concierge-style service where we manage all aspects of personal PR and thought leadership strategy for one or more senior figure.

We immerse ourselves in your business or project and develop a comprehensive strategy to improve the profiles of the people at the helm. We formulate and ghostwrite thought leadership articles for your target publications. We seek out opportunities for profile interviews in high profile business publications and secure speaking engagements at key conferences. This is an all-inclusive service so we are quick to act on anything to do with reputation management, whether that’s giving media training ahead of a last-minute interview, building the CEO’s LinkedIn profile or designing a personal website.

Suitable for: CEOs, Investors, lawyers, Politicians, Leaders of organizations who have theories, opinion and research they want to spread.


Personal PR Kickstarter

Personalized Package: £2,500 
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8-week Profile Raising Package for You, or Your Institution

Eight-week programme designed for entrepreneurs, academics, authors, coaches or just punchy people who have unique ideas and expertise but don’t have the budget for a full PR agency service.

We are the only PR firm to offer a package where we guarantee outcomes such as a set number of media mentions or speaking engagements.

We start by defining your thought leadership topics and storytelling angles with an in-depth meeting. Then, you choose the rest. Select from: Guaranteed media coverage, podcast interviews, SEO for your website, media training, producing a whitepaper and lots more.

Suitable for: Small business owners, academics, consultants, coaches, authors and other creatives on a budget

Author PR Kickstarter

Personalized Programme: £2,500 
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8-week Profile Raising Package specifically designed for Writers

Whether you are an aspiring author wanting to attract a publisher, or a published author wanting to get your books in the media, this package will establish your author authority. We recognise that as a writer you probably have loads of the key ingredient for effective thought leadership – expertise and unique views! There is huge potential for writers to comment on topical news stories, give talks, write articles and to build an engaged audience, but few know how to realise this.

We have devised a menu of PR and book consultancy services designed not only to build and maintain your profile as an author, but to give you the tools and confidence to continually land media opportunities and speaking engagements after we’re gone.

Suitable for: Small business owners, academics, consultants, coaches, authors and other creatives on a budget

Outplacement PR Plan

Personal PR Plan from £2,200 per outplaced executive 
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Personal PR Strategy for Outplaced Executives

Personal profile raising strategy designed specifically to help outplaced executives open doors to new opportunities.

We are the only company to offer personal PR and thought leadership skills as part of an outplacement support package.

Our plan helps those going it alone to leverage their industry expertise by placing opinion pieces and quotes in prestigious publications, building their LinkedIn profile and followers, setting up a personal website optimised for SEO, securing introductions and helping them land talks at key conferences or webinars.

This is designed to run in addition to any other outplacement support packages for senior figures. 

Suitable for: Businesses in the unfortunate position of making senior management  redundant and want to give them confidence to succeed.


Hourly Consultancy

From £70 per hour
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One-on-One Coaching or Specific Projects

When you know what you need but you require that little bit of professional guidance to implement it. We offer packages of hours so you pay for our expertise for a particular task and nothing more.

It could be last minute media training ahead of an interview, putting a book proposal together and sending it to publishers, submitting work for an award, creating a Wiki page or maybe you need an ex journalist’s touch to write an article so it’s media-ready. You choose how we work, and we deliver.

Suitable for: Businesses or individuals with no PR budget, but whom need ad-hoc professional PR guidance on things such as: writing articles, social media strategy, promoting a book, promoting a podcast, writing press releases and media training.


Helen’s advice was invaluable and like gold dust –  she gave me the confidence to pitch to the media in a way that felt comfortable to me.  I am pleased to say that with Helen’s help, I managed to secure a regular Op-Ed column with a widely read political blog, Comment Central.  We also worked together in creating a media strategy and a database of media contacts;  Helen gave me fantastic advice on the best way to create this database so that it was easy to use for my needs.  And, finally, Helen offered guidance on using social media to its maximum capacity.  A huge big thank you, Helen!’

Vicki Prais, Human Rights Lawyer

Helen is a consummate and generous professional trainer who really knows how to convey her knowledge and skills in a hands-on, supportive fashion.

She offers incisive critically constructive feedback and worked with me at speed on a podcast project. I learned so much from her in just a few short sessions and recommend her highly.


Nichi Hodgson, Author, Journalist & Broadcaster

Thank you, Helen!

With published articles now averaging one a month, I couldn’t be happier with the help that you’ve given me. From helping me realise that I do have things I want to say, mentoring me to do that in ways that are interesting and useful to others and for steering me in the direction of the right editors, you’ve helped me every step of the way. I couldn’t have done any of it without you! 

Wendy Rose, Leadership Coach

Helen has provided me with really targeted support on Thought Leadership activities. This included helping me define my story, planning and pitching articles and doing a much needed ‘health check’ on my social media channels. Helen was organised and provided insightful critical guidance that helped me identity and reach target audiences and communicate my story. She helped to keep me accountable and was interesting and fun to work with. Thanks Helen!

Dr Jacqui Webster, PhD

Helen secured high profile press coverage including The Evening Standard and Worth magazine, and not only did she get me a high profile speaking engagement at Web Summit, but suggested a format where I could invite some of my contacts for a panel talk, making it a brilliant relationship-building win for us. She briefed me before interviews and cleverly anticipated questions. She also drew out some personal angles from me as well as the obvious business ones. I enjoyed working with her and she’s been on the look out for opportunities for me even after stopping
working together.


Execuitve at Quintessentially

I have had a great PR experience with Helen leading Thought Leadership, supporting and guiding me through the areas that I required. It has raised my level of thinking and elevated my confidence with public speaking and writing skills to help convey my messages to various networks. I have enjoyed access to the various organisations in publishing, podcasting and radio, ultimately helping me to form new relationships. A professional service which has been thoroughly engaging, and more importantly, encouraging me to enhance and enrich my brand. Thank you Helen.

Anita Goyal, Philanthropist