Karis Hustad

Karis Hustad, News Editor at Courier Magazine

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About this episode: News Editor at Courier Media, Karis Hustad, discusses the inspiring small business stories they commission for the magazine and weekly newsletter. She shares the importance of authenticity, quality, and clearly explaining the ‘why’ behind pitching yourself to Courier. Karis explores some interesting trends like gen-z small business owners, the evolution of the ‘gig CEO,’ and much more.  …

Alan Rusbridger

Alan Rusbridger, Editor at Prospect Magazine

TLPR Podcasts

About this episode: Editor at Prospect Magazine, Alan Rusbridger, shares the regular formats for the monthly print and digital publication and what makes the cut for an ‘intellectually stimulating’ read. From short-form profiles at the front; to long-reads with a new take on a global issue; to the popular culture and books sections at the back; find out when and how …

Eleanor Warnock

 Eleanor Warnock, Deputy Editor at Sifted

TLPR Podcasts

About this episode: Deputy Editor at Sifted, Eleanor Warnock, discusses what she looks for in a pitch when commissioning for the 100k-users-a-month publication serving startups. She gives the inside scoop on the high level leader section ‘Brunch with Sifted’, what makes an opinion piece, plus the most common feedback points she gives to PRs who pitch to her.

Orianna Rosa Royle

How to write or be quoted in Management Today, with Orianna Rosa Royle

TLPR Podcasts

About this episode: Senior reporter at Management Today, Orianna Rosa Royle discusses what makes a story for the 80k-users-a-month publication. CEO interviews are the most common format but what makes the cut? For a journalist who gets ‘an email pitch a minute’ Orianna knows instantly what has PR potential and she gives us her inside tips. 

Natasha Wynarczyk

Feature planning insights from The Daily Mirror, with Natasha Wynarczyk

TLPR Podcasts

About this episode: Senior Features Writer at The Daily Mirror, Natasha Wynarczyk, discusses how a pitch from a PR or member of the public turns into coverage and why you should never pitch via social media. Print is certainly not dead and Natasha reminds us of the perks to having an exclusive print feature. 

Francesca Cassidy

Francesca Cassidy, Deputy Editor of Raconteur

TLPR Podcasts

About this episode: Francesca Cassidy, deputy editor of Raconteur, discusses exciting new online content, including regular series such as “How I Became A….” and how PRs or businesses can tailor their pitches for Raconteur’s formats. Plus the hunt for diverse journalists!

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole, Editor of DiversityQ Magazine

TLPR Podcasts

About this episode: Cheryl Cole is the Editor of DiversityQ Magazine, a publication giving advice to businesses on diversity, inclusion, and equality in the workplace. Cheryl talks us through their story formats including why they love opinion pieces and thought leadership content. Plus, her media pitching advice: if you have to work to make it sound relevant, it probably isn’t.

Zena Alkayat

Founder of Bloom Magazine, Zena Alkayat

TLPR Podcasts

About this episode: Zena Alkayat is founder of Bloom Magazine, a publication about gardening and nature with a modern angle. Zena shares her tips on how to pitch a story including how to differentiate passion from expertise, why ‘the story’ is always the most important wording of your pitch and how a new partnership with a book publisher means they’re scouting …

Jess Austin

Metro Blogs Editor Jess Austin

TLPR Podcasts

About this episode: Jess Austin is Communities Editor for Metro online, commissioning Metro blogs and first person pieces. She discusses what the editorial team look for, why using fresh writers is so exciting, and, how to pitch to their regular series such as ‘what it feels like to…’ ‘immigrant stories’ and ‘hello, my name is….’ Plus, what you. need to know if …