Personal PR Kickstarter Programme

Define your personal brand and kickstart your profile as a thought leader

This package is based on a one-off fee. We created it specifically for individuals who have loads of PR potential but don't have the budget for a rolling monthly retainer, which is the basis most PR agencies work on.

We start in the same way that we start with our Full Service Personal PR clients - with an in-depth 90-minute meeting where we delve into your personal backstory, unique expertise and views on topical issues in your industry, plus an analysis of your digital profiles. From this, we develop your Personal Branding Strategy.

Then, we work on a set number of personal PR or marketing deliverables of your choice. That means you pay only for a service that is tailored to your individual goals, and no more.

The most popular deliverable of our Personal PR Kickstarter Programme is, unsurprisingly, media coverage. If you choose this we guarantee we'll secure at least two mentions. We can send the whole list of our deliverables if you book a discovery call below!

The main difference between this budget-friendly PR package and our Full Service Personal PR is that this one requires more time investment from you. For example, we will secure media articles for you, but we can't ghost-write them. We will secure podcast or radio interviews but we can't prep you with our messaging advice. We'll give you a social media strategy but we can't physically post for you.

This package starts at a fixed fee of £2,900 based on four deliverables or £3,800 for 6 deliverables.

Our menu of personal PR and marketing deliverables includes:

  • Our signature Personal Branding Strategy
  • Media coverage (with a guarantee of two pieces of coverage)
  • Pitching for speaking engagements and consultancy on how to get paid speaking gigs..
  • Broadcast interview (podcast, radio or TV)
  • SEO and content audit for your business or personal website and keyword research
  • Social media strategy and full profile audits with advice for improvements
  • Media training session with national UK news journalist
  • Professional photo shoot (London only)
  • Professional book synopsis and publisher research
  • Professional profile photos
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PR Client Testimonials

Lucrezia Millarini

ITV News Presenter

    "I really enjoyed working with Helen. From just one long conversation, she came up with loads of angles for interviews ahead of my ITV Dancing on Ice appearance, resulting in a great piece in The Mail on Sunday. It was refreshing to work with someone who understands the TV industry too, having worked in it herself. And she gave interview advice on how to avoid answering things I didn’t want to answer."

    Vicki Prais

    Human Rights Lawyer

      "Helen's advice was invaluable and like gold dust - she gave me the confidence to pitch to the media in a way that felt comfortable to me. I am pleased to say that with Helen's help, I managed to secure a regular Op-Ed column with a widely read political blog, Comment Central. We also worked together in creating a media strategy and a database of media contacts; Helen gave me fantastic advice on the best way to create this database so that it was easy to use for my needs. And, finally, Helen offered guidance on using social media to its maximum capacity. A huge big thank you, Helen!"

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